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Manifestation Journey with EFT-Tapping and Soundbath: Create your reality

Friday, September 9th, 18:30-20:30
Teacher: Yula
Studio: Vondelpark


Tap into the power of creation and manifest your desires in a deep meditation journey. We start with EFT-Tapping to let go of feeling unworthy of abundance and tap into self-love. With the HAB-Method (Heart Breathing Activation) we open our Heart Chakra to be fully open to dive into the meditation. Let yourself be guided to the playground of creation and tap into the matching frequency of your desires. Enjoy the vibrations of crystal bowls and ethereal vocals during the meditation to go even deeper on your inner journey.

Elysian Vocals with Singing Bowls & Guatemalan Cacao

Time: Saturday, September 24th, 17:30-19:30
Teacher: Yula


Let go of daily stress and dive into a world of magical melodies, ethereal vocals, and pure Guatemalan cacao. Yula Elysian, a vocalist for over 10 years, comes to visit from Guatemala and brings her music and Cacao to Europe. Dive into your inner world through a guided meditation and let the magical sounds and healing spirit of cacao take you on a journey within. Together we will enjoy the ceremonial beverage with our own personal intentions and connect with our essence. Cacao supports us to pause, strengthen our intuition and get closer to ourselves. The nutrients of this superfood plant from the mountains of Guatemala, provide our body with essential nutrients, increase emotional well-being, clear the mind and open the heart.

Yin & Sound Bath

Time: Sunday, December 11th, 17:00-18:30
Studio: Vondelpark
Teacher: Emily


By combining the restorative practice of Yin Yoga with Sound Bath, this is the perfect class to connect your mind and body. The practice of Yin poses helps to open up the joints and release tension within the body. The sound bath is a deep cleanse for the subconscious body. Crystal singing bowls produce harmonizing vibrations that slow brainwaves down to theta, a meditative state. Your cells will oscillate with positivity and calmness.

Relax Rituals

Time: Sunday, December 18th, 17:00-20:00
Studio: Haarlem
Teacher: Esther


RELAX, RESTORE, & RECHARGE in this 3-hour long workshop for three calming restorative techniques (with a short break for tea and a healthy snack). Dress light.
This workshop helps you to connect, to nurture yourself, and to be at home within yourself. It’s the best way to unwind from the weekend and feel energized to start a new week.  Join Esther … and surrender to stillness.

holotropic breath and yin yoga

Time: Sunday, October 2nd, 15:00 – 17:30
Studio: Haarlem
Teachers: Tanya, Roderick, Annick


Join Tanya and special guests breath work coaches Roderick de Raaf and Annick Diks to experience the full scope and power of your breath. You will receive expert guidance from Roderick and Annick as they guide you through 90 minutes of breath work and live singing. A short break will be offered and then 75 minutes of yin yoga guided by Tanya to ground down and restore the body. You will be invited to intuitively move through yin postures and connect to the intelligence of your body in order to create space and deep release.

Yoga beyond asana

Time: Saturday, November 12th, 16:00-18:00
Studio: Vondelpark
Teacher: Natalia


Want to go beyond your physical practice?

In this 2 hours workshop, we will explore different paths of yoga:

  • Bhakti path: the “Yoga of the Heart”, where we will liberate our voices by singing ancient Yogi mantras.
  • Asana: the physical practice, where we go through vinyasa, building up the fire through some simple to advanced postures.
  • Pranayama: we will explore a different technique to support a body’s well-being and energize our system with fresh prana.
  • Dhyana: Meditation, according to the Tantra Buddhist tradition, where we will find: a comfortable seat, focused gaze (Drishti), and leave you with several tools to keep the mind still.

upcoming special classes

Hot Pilates Discovery Day
Saturday, November 26th, 16:00-17:00
Teacher: Julie | Studio: Vondelpark

Radiant Rest
Sunday, November 27th & December 18th, 18:00-19:30
Wednesday, December 28th, 18:30-20:00
Teacher: Lydia | Studio: City

Hot Flow 3
Friday, December 16th, 18:30-19:30
Teacher: Nuno | Studio: Vondelpark

Slow Flow with Harp
Saturday, December 17th, 16:00-17:30
Teacher: Bianka | Studio: Vondelpark