for aspiring hot yoga teachers

ready to take your practice to another level, or even transform your career into a powerful Hot Yoga teacher?

designed for busy people mostly during weekends
in depth posture clinic teaching drills repetition
learning techniques design your own sequence
tailor designed course structure hot 60/90
hands on & personal approach

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What are you going to learn?

Movements Yoga Academy team is certified  by the Yoga Alliance to offer an exclusive 200-hour alliance certification Hot Yoga course.

This Hot Yoga course is designed specifically to turn students into Hot Yoga teachers. We accomplish this very successfully through practice teaching, functional anatomy studies, yoga history, speaking skills and leadership training.

yoga practice

  • 100 hours of Hot Yoga Practice in class
  • Exploration of Asanas, (proper alignment, the benefits and the risks)
  • Sanskrit names of postures
  • Introduction to Meditation and Pranayama


  • Human Anatomy – Anatomy of the human body
  • Injury modifications – Learn modifications of the postures for people with injuries
  • Pregnancy modifications – How to practice safely and with joy during pregancy
  • Emergency procedures – Training to handle emergency situations, medical or other situations
  • Nutrition – Introduction to core principles of nutrition for Yoga Students

Teaching Methodology

  • Teaching a 90 and 60 minute Hot Yoga class
  • You learn set sequence of 50 Yoga Postures
  • sequencing and class structure
  • 90-minute class dialogue
  • design your own class
  • Master of class – how to lead a class and inspire your students
  • Public speaking skills – Stage presence, Voice control, Body language,

My Academy Trainers

Our teaching team consist of exceptionally qualified, working professionals with a minimum of 1000 teaching hours experience. And our head trainers Marije Horbach and Victor Arnolds have over 5.000 teachings hours, this master trainer level is extremely rare in the industry.



Originally a photographer for 35 years and engaged throughout his life in many sports, Victor decided to become a yoga teacher noticing the positive effects of yoga on his physical and mental wellbeing.

He did numerous training and workshops with Mark Drost, Zefea Samson, Christina Sell, John Field, Shiva Rea  and many other inspiring teachers and  continues to develop his skills. He taught well over 4000 classes.

His classes can be challenging and adventurous but always focused on practicing with awareness and providing a safe place to learn and explore.



Marije has always loved sports, especially those involving a good work-out. She started doing yoga at the gym, but mostly practiced it on the side. Once she took a hot yoga class, she fell in love with it. She loves to sweat and stretch, and finds the feeling she has afterwards indescribable. exactly what she was looking for…

She stopped playing field hockey to concentrate more on yoga, practicing hot yoga and variety of other styles. Now yoga is no longer a workout; it’s a necessity.



Tanya was introduced to the yoga world in 2006 through raja yoga and meditation in Montreal, Canada. She learned early on that the most important yoga practice was off her mat and in her heart. She traveled to Jamaica to attend an ashtanga yoga retreat. After becoming friends with some serious yogis, she had a spiritual revelation. She realized she wanted to dedicate her precious time on earth to spreading light, love and compassion.

Tanya was working in the banking world when she decided to quit the corporate life and pursue something that made her smile everyday. She started practicing yoga more intensely and fell in love with the extra benefit that hot yoga gave her.

She is a strong believer in having a strong foundation in asanas, therefore always encouraging her students to take one step back to be able to go two steps further next time. You will usually find Tanya smiling around the studio, or singing in the showers, unless she’s attending a flow class of course!


Week 1:
Intense 4-day Kickoff (46hours):

Weeks 2 until 7:
2-day weekends (23 hours)

Week 8:
Intense 4-day Finish, including graduation party (46hours):