Sparkling from the inside

  • Cleanliness is our number 1 priority
  • Please bring your own mat and towel
  • Hi-touch areas cleaned between every class
  • No use of shower facilities for the time being
  • Our facilities team will thoroughly disinfect the studio daily

Clean hands, full hearts
join the meaningful movement

We welcome you back in our studio. This period of introspection and contraction has been useful for us. For the next few months, due to government regulation, class numbers will be limited but our care and attention for you are not.

You need an active membership or class-pack to be able to book classes. All memberships will be activated from July 1, according to the start date of the personal contract. All class packs and packages will be extended with the period of closing of the studio (3,5 months)

Feel at home

Health, hygiene and wellbeing are at the forefront of everything we do so you can feel at home and at ease at movements. In collaboration with governments protocols and polished with our own attention to detail, we welcome you back to movements with some fresh guidelines and an invitation to create a safe space for all. We will continue to take guidance from the government and inform you of newly released protocol.

Together apart

  • Please maintain all government protocols for social distancing
  • All classes are limited to 20 (garden studio) and 25 (loft studio)
  • Please maintain 1,5 meter away from students and staff at all times
  • No hands on or assists will be given

Prep your visit

We always loved providing everything you need for a complete practice
For the time being to ensure the highest level of hygiene please make sure you are prepared with the following:

  • Please bring your own mat (Mat hire 3,-)
  • Please bring your own towel. (towel hire €2,-)
  • Please come dressed in yoga clothes, as there’s very limited space to use the changing rooms.


#stay safe

We do everything to let you enjoy carefree during your visit. We follow the advice and guidelines of RIVM and the Dutch government. View the measures we take here.

#Support Your Locals

We call on you our community to opt for up-close
as much as possible. Only with you can we continue to provide the bestlocal yoga So that practicing together remains the best moment of the day. Especially now.

We will reactivated all the existing membership asap. From that day on, you membership will be activated and you can book classes according to your type of memberships.

Rest assured no one will lose any time, you will receive an extension on your active membership once we are able to operate with a full schedule.

Rest assured no one will lose any time, you will receive an extension on your active membership from July 1.

As we have to deal with a limited number of mats in class, we decided to programm a full schedule also during the summer months. This could give all our students ample opportunity to book and attend classes.

We got you covered: just cover the placed mats with your own mat. And you are ready to go with plenty of space to flow. We measured out a heart to heart distance in our studio of 1,75 meter. Please respect your neighbours space and behace kindly towards each other. Try to stay on your mat at all times.

Sadly no, we have to stay outside in the open air.

No worries you can still use the restrooms.

We can’t wait to offer you such personalized classes. With limited spaces and a high demand for classes we ask you to be careful with our precious mat availability. With this in mind please note the following booking procedures to reserve your spot and avoid being disappointed.

Bookings are open 7 days in advance for all classes and can be made via the webesite, the Movement Yoga app, or the Mindbody online app. Maximum of 1 booking per day per member. We now be enforcing a noshow and late canclelation fee of 10,- per unattended class. Please early cancel you class at least 4 hours prior to avoid the charge.

As we have very limited space we need to do our utmost with the limited mats. There for we needed to enforce a no-show and late cancellation fee of 10,- per unattended class. Please early cancel you class at least 6 hours prior to avoid the charge.

Find free livestream classes on our website. For now we still hope to practice together but if for any reason you do not feel up to coming into the studio please feel free to use the free classes, with complete sequences.

More then you know; Welcome home Movements Yoga Tribe!

Thank you for your patience and cooperation so we could create the most welcoming and safe space for us to practice together, doing what we love.

We love our packed hot rooms, hands on assists, but the pure practice has always been enough. We can’t wait to welcome you back


As you know, we have high quality air systems that help us heat and regulate the air in yoga rooms. Each room has its own system.
One of the best perks of the systems (besides creating that juicy heat we all love) is that they control the air quality by continuosly monitoring CO2 levels, and not allowing these levels to go over a set limit.

With all the uncertainties around how the virus spreads, we spent the last months working closely with our air system supplier
and the RIVM (Rijksinstituut voor Volksgezondheid en Milieu)
on finding out how our systems fit within the current regulation,
whether they can potentially be a threat, and if we needed to do any adjustments.

You can read all about it here:

From what the world knows so far, one of the best ways to minimise the virus spread indoors, is to refresh the air regulary by letting fresh air in.
Our systems already do this, but next to this, both our light, fresh and spacious yoga rooms have doors and/or windows to the outside.
Means we can open them before, during and after every class
and keep our air clean & safe.

A Hot Yoga visit has many benefits for your health. It has a positive effect on your resistance, your skin and your mood. Right now it is important to take good care of yourself. Scientific research has shown so far that Covid-19 is not transmissible through sweat and that the activity of the virus decreases at temperatures of 40 to 60 degrees.
The health and safety of both our guests and our employees are of paramount importance to us. If you have complaints that, according to the guidelines of the RIVM, could indicate corona, we ask you to stay at home and observe the measures. We also demand this of our employees.