there are so many styles of yoga. how do i know which style is the best for me?

we offer many different styles of yoga. just try a few (or all) styles and find the practice which best suits your personality and personal objectives. the first few classes can be confusing until you learn the method. but don’t be discouraged, you will learn fast. at movements, your teacher is available for you 30 minutes before and after every class. we encourage you to share, ask questions and use our knowledgeable teachers to help you progress in your practice.

do you get more benefits practicing yoga in a heated room?

the heated environment helps to raise your heart rate, which in turn means you burn more calories. the heat also makes it easier to flush toxins from your body through sweat. the same benefits can be attained without heat, but the student must concentrate on a strong breathing technique to get his own heart rate up and build the same core temperature, such as through vinyasa or ashtanga yoga systems. the heat also helps to go deeper into the postures.

i have been practicing hot yoga for six months can i try vinyasa or flow?

start any time you want; there are no rules for this. these yoga styles are a great compliment to hot yoga, as they focus more on upper body strength. we suggest you start with hot flow and flow (vinyasa) next to your hot yoga lesson.

how many times per week should i practice?

3-6 times per week depending on your schedule, health and availability. having a rest day is important, practicing 7 days a week can lead to injury.

is yoga aerobic?

aerobic exercise occurs when an elevated heart rate is sustained for twenty minutes or more. aerobic activities are particularly helpful for strengthening the heart, burning excess fat, and increasing the body’s metabolism. yoga can be a great aerobic workout, but it depends on the student and on the class he is taking. in order to sustain an elevated heart rate during practice, students should try their best to actively participate in all postures and take classes that they find challenging.