will hot yoga help me lose weight and tone my body?

yes. yoga is also known as an aerobic exercise. the use of breath and heat (created by internal and external sources) combining with yoga poses increases heart rate, metabolism, they stimulate elimination, and reduce food cravings. it is estimated that you will burn between 400-700 kcal per 90-minute yoga class. most yoga poses work all muscles and burn fat resulting in a toner and stronger body. if you are on a weight loss path, make sure you also focus on the dietary aspect, as proper diet is the biggest contributor to weight loss.

can yoga help insomnia?

yes. the physical exertion and mental concentration of yoga helps to relax your body and reduce stress.

why do some people feel dizzy during or after hot yoga class?

oossibly not breathing properly or not drinking enough water; eating too much before class or not eaten for a long time and having low blood sugar. pace your practice and remind yourself to breath deeply through the class will help release the dizziness.

can i practice yoga during my menstruation?

it is perfectly safe to do hot yoga when menstruating. inverted postures are normally the postures to be avoided during menstruation, but there are no inverted postures in hot yoga. hot yoga is very good for toning the reproductive system as it directly affects the reproductive organs and the endocrine glands, pituitary, pineal and thyroid gland in particular. women’s cycle becomes more regular with complaints of menstruating pain and pms decrease.
for other styles of yoga, it is recommended to take rest for a first two to three days and/or avoid inversions like shoulder stand, headstand and handstand during your period. some prefer a more restorative practice during this time. seek the help of your teacher.

can i practice yoga while pregnant?

as pregnancy is a delicate time for mothers-to-be, a time where special care and attention is needed, we recommend you to check in with one of our teachers for personal advice. all movements teachers are trained in pregnancy modifications and will be able to help you enjoy your yoga class to the max.