hi, i'm Tanya

go from doing yoga, to BEING yoga

Tanya was introduced to the yoga world in 2006 through raja yoga and meditation in Montreal, Canada. She learned early on that the most important yoga practice was off her mat and in her heart. She traveled to Jamaica to attend an ashtanga yoga retreat. After becoming friends with some serious yogis, she had a spiritual revelation. She realized she wanted to dedicate her precious time on earth to spreading light, love and compassion.

Tanya was working in the banking world when she decided to quit the corporate life and pursue something that made her smile everyday. She started practicing yoga more intensely and fell in love with the extra benefit that hot yoga gave her.

She is a strong believer in having a strong foundation in asanas, therefore always encouraging her students to take one step back to be able to go two steps further next time. You will usually find tanya smiling around the studio, or singing in the showers, unless she’s attending a flow class of course!