hi, i'm Sandra

Believe you can and you're halfway there!

Sandra loves to run and used to train for competitions. However, along with all the running came injuries – and this is when her love of Yoga started. Living in Brussels at the time a good friend was an English yoga teacher. She had her own little studio and Sandra took to the practice immediately. The postures and the breathing were new, but it felt so good for both body & mind. Yoga & running is, and continues to be, the ultimate combination.

Sandra’s Hot yoga journey started at Movements Yoga. She loves the heat, the flow & building strength.

Sandra did several workshops to deepen her practice which eventually led to a 200 hour teacher training at Movements Academy. The journey continues and now, as a teacher, she wants to share the power of yoga. Her background as a coach allows to join these elements together. Sandra likes to motivate others on their yoga journey with compassionate support.