hi, i'm Niyati

Always wear your invisible crown

Growing up in India, practicing yoga and meditating was akin to Niyati as is cycling in The Netherlands. Since the age of 7 she practiced a variety of yoga styles under the guidance of various gurus. Living in Mumbai amongst 25 million people it was always peaceful and quiet for her on her mat!

Somewhere between university and crossing continents she swapped her yoga mat for dumbells.

In 2014 after a long hiatus she took her first hot yoga class at our studio and fell in love all over again! It was in camel pose when the words of poet Rumi came to her ‘ If there is light in your heart, you will find your way home’

It was in that moment on the mat that she decided to become a yoga teacher. She trained with us in 2016 and has been teaching here since 2017.