hi, i'm Lize

I bend so I don't break

Wether it is hot yoga, flow, pilates or yoga fit, Lize is always up for it! Either to teach the class or to practice it herself. leading a more stressful life in 2015 as a recruitment officer for a major firm, Lize realized she wanted to transform her passion for yoga into her career and attended the absolute hot yoga teacher in Thailand in 2015. Teaching yoga has given her freedom in different aspects of her life, and soon after her hot yoga training, she embarked on a journey to Bali, to attend a vinyasa yoga teacher training. Yoga is not only her biggest heartfelt passion but also a way to live her life. She loves to share her passion and knowledge with her students in class and help them to reach their goals and see them grow. When cleaning her own mat, she is already looking forward to her next class, either to teach or practice herself.