hi, i'm Evi

Where's my mind?!

Evi likes a healthy amount of mental and physical challenge, having always been an ever-moving creature. Evi notices the challenge of stillness, which has a much stronger affect than the effort of motion.

Stillness gets to you, it spins you twice and then spits you back out. On this turbulent journey you can find lots of new and exciting revelations.

Evi’s aim is to meet students outside their comfort zone in a playful, lighthearted way. Her teaching draws on different styles for inspiration but always offers her students what they need in that precise moment. This present moment awareness brings a grounding nature to her classes and ensures safe physical and mental alignment.

Over Evi’s 11 years of full time teaching she has become a certified yoga teacher; AKC kettlebell instructor; experienced in olympic boxing and is an enthusiast for long-boarding. She is also very curious about animalistic movement…not so secretly Evi thinks she is batman. Join her class to find out?!