hi, i'm Bridget

I already want to do yoga tomorrow

Bridget walked into her first hot yoga class in San Diego, California over 20 years ago, after a car accident left her injured.  She could not believe the way yoga made her feel: transforming her physically and mentally. The practice helped her recover from her injuries and allowed her to build back an active life, full of running and sports.  Since then, yoga has been elemental in her journey of finding balance. Moving to the Netherlands from California, the hot room has always felt like home to her.

Wanting to deepen her knowledge, Bridget completed a 500-hour hot yoga 26/2 teacher training with Raja Yoga Academy in 2016. Since then, she has continuously sought out trainings and workshops, learning more so she can continue to grow and develop as a student and a teacher. She loves connecting with students, helping people with postures, and exploring all aspects of yoga.  Bridget believes in changing and evolving your practice in order to find balance.  Her philosophy starts with the breath and combines strength, flexibility, mindfulness and, most of all, love and kindness to yourself.