offering the best: mat pilates + yoga + the heat

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offering the best: mat pilates + yoga + the heat

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Move into the New Year with a special offer

We have 3 great new offers to choose from, available for a limited time.

  • Trial month for €39 (for non-members only; 10 classes)
  • 15 class card for €150 (valid for 6 months)
  • €99 unlimited monthly (first month is 50% off)

Offer ends February 29th.

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movements is so much more than a great work out

the intersection of mind, body, and soul

hot yoga & pilates

Get Fit, Get Toned, and Feel Great

Whether you are an experienced practitioner or an absolute beginner, Movements offers a variety of classes for all shapes and sizes to choose from. We’ll make you sweat, burn, stretch, and destress – all in one class.

Enjoy the ultimate Hot Yoga & Hot Pilates experience.

At any of our three beautiful studios in the city center, we provide you with the best teachers and the hottest climatized heating up to 40 degrees Celsius.

boutique studios

In historic buildings in the heart of Amsterdam & Haarlem, bamboo-floored and mirrored studios await you. With our unique heating system, we have created heated studios up to 40 degrees Celsius that will support, deepen, and intensify your practice.


Cleanliness is our number one priority. We love our light, airy, spacious studios. We still have a limited capacity. Please bring your own mat and towel, or borrow them at the studio, mats are free, towels 2 euro. Use our beautiful dressing rooms, lockers, and showers. Enjoy the outdoor (cold) rain shower.

expert teachers

A close-knit team of expert Hot Yoga & Pilates Teachers is ready to give you the best classes in the city’s finest boutique studio. The teacher is always available at the front desk for introductions and personal questions a half hour before and after class. More than 90 heated classes are taught weekly.

popular classes

popular classes

first time

We care for our beginners and make their introduction to our studio smooth and simple. Please make sure you arrive at least 20 minutes before your class starts. We kindly advise first timers to book a Hot C class, as the perfect choice for a first Hot Yoga workout.

At the beginning of each class, new students are identified by the teachers, who guide them and help them stay safe in their practice.
Our friendly staff is always available to answer any inquiries new students may have.

Please remember to bring your own mat and towel, or rent them at the Frontdesk. Make sure to drink enough water before, during (small sips), and after class. Hydration is very important. You can bring your own bottle or purchase cold bottled water from the front desk. A light meal a few hours before class is recommended. Just before class, stick to a light snack like fruit or crackers.

Wear an outfit that makes you feel comfortable to practice, that allows your body to move freely. We recommend moisture wicking fabrics over cotton. Women tend to wear shorts, leggings and a sports bra, with or without as shirts. Men usually wear only shorts.

how to book


Go to our schedule, pick your favorite class and book, following the procedure as the website dictates. All our classes are open and suitable for all levels.

arrive early

Please arrive on time. Your mat is reserved until 5 minutes before the class starts. Once a class has started, you won’t be allowed to enter, out of respect for fellow students. Please cancel your booked classes in time to give others the opportunity to practice.

studio guidelines

Give yourself and others the gift of silence. No phones in the studios. Please leave your shoes in the “shoe lounge”, as we practice on bare feet. Please note we only accept payments by pin or credit card – no cash.

“Your studios and all the teachers are extraordinary! They thread knowledge, strength, humour, passion and fashion all in one magical pot! It’s changed my world and I thank you for creating such a ‘cool yet spiritual’ place.”

– Vivien